The First Project of 2019 – Simulcast Telemetry System Build and Installation

2019 started out with the wrapping-up of a project which began in 2018: the building and installation of a telemetry / IoT system which monitors the simulcast transmissions of a paging system which I engineer for a client. This little creation will make my life easier by monitoring the signals being sent out by a simulcast transmitter which is the backbone of a multi-site paging system.  I wrote the code so that not only can I go online from any location and see how well things are functioning, but it will also automatically alert me in the event certain problems ever do pop up. The short video included on this page shows it installed and operating. When I first got involved in the world of Arduino stuff, I had no clue just how useful those nifty little processor boards could be. Oh, and it just happens to be fun, too. Who says you can’t mix work with pleasure. Seriously, though, when you live with a physical disability, anything you can do to cut down on how often you need to physically go to sites to see how well things are functioning is a definite help; moreover, when it gives you the ability to quickly detect any potential problems and get them solved fast, it makes for even better service to the client (and their clients in turn.) That makes a few days spent putting something like this together well worth the effort and a win/win for everyone involved.

If you would like to see more photos of the project — including the build and lots of technical information — just hop on over to this link:

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